From Tribblehunter, ET Forum

my first humble haiku submission as a gnubie to the order of the taoGUIN:

Does your OS suck?
Then Linux is required.
Windows just won't do.

From Tribblehunter, ET Forum Second haiku submission

You work hard for cash
Why spend it all on software?
Go with open source!

From Tribblehunter, ET Forum Third haiku submission

Which one do I choose?
So many distributions!
Boldly try them all!

From Tribblehunter, ET Forum Fourth haiku submission

Format your Windows.
Pay homage to the taoGUIN.
Linux here I come!

From Tribblehunter, ET Forum Fifth haiku submission

Expand your knowledge.
Windows is for the stagnant.
Linux: free your mind!

From Tribblehunter, ET Forum Sixth haiku submission

Windows be afraid,
The taoGUIN will soon catch you.
For your crimes you'll pay!

From Tribblehunter, ET Forum Seventh haiku submission

Doubt the penguin's might?
The taoGUIN is all-knowing.
He'll show you the light.

From Tribblehunter, ET Forum Eighth haiku submission

Red Hat, Debian,
SuSe, Mandrake, QNX,
Linux are they all.

From Lizzardfire, ET Forum First haiku submission

Because My Butt's big
And My Brain is very small
I pay for Windows

From Lizzardfire, ET Forum Second haiku submission

I am the prophet
Glanz is the death of Windows
Tribblehunter rhymes

From Lizzardfire, ET Forum Third haiku submission

The perfect couple
Nvidia and Linux
Together Always

From Lizzardfire, ET Forum Fourth haiku submission

Johnfish my teacher
Now learns from Lizz the prophet
Who learns from taoGUIN

From Tribblehunter, ET Forum 9th haiku submission

I write the haikus!
Lizzardfire writes too, but
The taoGUIN blessed me.

From Tribblehunter, ET Forum 10th haiku submission

Hey Lizzardfire!
No offense, I'm just teasing.
You are the prophet.

From Tribblehunter, ET Forum 11th haiku submission

Hail Lizzardfire!
Don't mess with the prophet! But,
no one kills the bard!

From Tribblehunter, ET Forum 12th haiku submission

Klingons use Linux!
Heghlu'meH QaQ jajvam
if you use Windows!

Klingon translation of second line: "Today is a good day to die"

Convenient how the Klingon phrase worked out to exactly 7 syllables... ;-)

From Tribblehunter, ET Forum 13th haiku submission

I used to write prose.
The taoGUIN has enlightened,
now I write haikus.

From Tribblehunter, ET Forum 14th haiku submission

Use Linux for free.
What product activation?
No need for that crap.

From Lizzardfire, ET Forum 5th haiku submission

He does hunt tribbles
The prophet likes them roasted
Zenguin prefers fish

From Glanz, ET Forum 1st haiku submission

In antarctic night
a stately shadow hears
Windows shattering

From Glanz, ET Forum 2nd submission

This is an ancient form called the cinquaine....

Who knows
what evil lurks
within the heart of Win?
Let taoGUIN lead you from what murks
my kin.

From Tribblehunter, ET Forum 15th submission

I looked up cinquain, and also found another poem format, the diamente! So here goes my first diamente (these suckers are hard to write!):

bloated, costly,
stalling, failing, crashing,
whale, yugo, porsche, penguin
thriving, saving, remaining,
dependable, free

From Lizzardfire, ET Forum 6th haiku submission

I miss the hunter
He should email me now
I am waiting too

Lizzardfire's email 

From Tribblehunter, ET Forum 16th haiku submission

XP commercials
with people flying around,
false advertising.

From Tribblehunter, ET Forum 17th haiku submission

Linux has a bird,
but the penguin doesn't fly.
He's busy working.